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The Megaforce Opportunity

Buy, Rent, Lease or Partner with MEGAFORCE, Germany’s leading outdoor mobile stage manufacturer. We are looking to expand our brand worldwide.

Our mega inventory is our driving force for growth, and it’s time to look around the globe to find the industry leaders ready to step up to the next level of event production performance! Each and every stage is fully engineered to outperform the competition, is 100% certified in top condition, and designed for years of revenue generation ahead.

Staging professionals, promoters, facility operators and entrepreneurs, this is your chance to affordably invest in the pinnacle of global large-scale event operations. Increase profitability and expand your service offering. We offer proven, fully-engineered and amazingly efficient mega-stages designed for cost-effective operation, durability and longevity. If you or your clients have outgrown traditional rental staging, then it’s time to consider the MEGAFORCE OPPORTUNITY.

We offer three different main stages and a huge selection of extras including grandstand seating, towers, loading platforms, and much, much more. We offer full training plus material, technical, and sales support A limited inventory and available territories are currently offered with extremely favourable sales, leasing, rental or partnership terms and everything can be viewed in Germany by special appointment.





This is truly one of the most extraordinary stages ever built. TVG R28 is a world-class tower stage and an exceptional example of superior engineering. It’s also one of the most efficient and economical systems ever built for large-venue applications. Designed to accommodate the biggest and most demanding global productions, this massive structure delivers an overall width of approximately 47 meters (155 ft) with a roof load capacity of up to 65 tons overall. The amazingly robust stage design comes with the ability to integrate up to 26.93 x 14.50m (approx. 88′ x 47′ – 4,136 sq ft) of performance area. If you need the biggest outdoor structure for a mega-show, this is it!

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A classic open air festival tower stage. TVG-I delivers above-average load capacity, outstanding clearance heights, spacious performance areas, as well as numerous, extensive and variable accessory attachments to meet virtually every requirement. For audiences of over 10,000 persons the TVG-I delivers a 50m wide overall footprint and offers a performance area adjustable from 20 to 26m in width and 13 to 15m in depth. The system holds up to 45 tons overall. For most outdoor venues, this stage delivers optimum cost vs. benefit performance.

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All the features of TVG I, this highly efficient system delivers a 26 x 12m roof structure able to support up to 19 tons. The performance area is approximately 16 x 12m with an overhead clearance of 9.3m, and is perfect for audiences up to 10,000. For the smaller venue or cost-conscious touring production, this stage fits the bill as a truly versatile go-to option.

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